ATLAS Web Lectures

13 October 2008

The University of Michigan ATLAS Collaboratory Project records and publishes electronic web lectures of ATLAS and LHC events at CERN and around the globe. We record:

  • Plenary Sessions from ATLAS Collaboration Weeks
  • A Variety of ATLAS and LHC Workshops
  • Tutorials on ATLAS Software Development, Physics Analysis Tools, and more


Hot Off The Press!

The October ATLAS Week Plenary Sessions are now available for viewing, directly linked to the talks listed on the Indico Agenda pages.


Lyn Evans on status of the LHC


Other Recent Recordings

Other most recently published ATLAS Lectures include:

July 2008 ATLAS Week Plenary Sessions

Physics and Performance Workshop

April 2008 ATLAS Week Plenary Sessions

February 2008 ATLAS Week Plenary Sessions

LHC New Physics Signatures Workshop Lecture Archives

October 2007 ATLAS Week Plenary Sessions

Distributed Analysis Tool Tutorials

Computing Operations I: EGEE Production

Computing Operations II: Data, Dashboards, FTS


The Lecture Archives

The full collection of Michigan Lecture Archives can be found under the WLAP Portal and include a variety of interesting and pertinent material, presented in a hierarchichal and searchable view. Material specific to ATLAS can be found here.

Our team has been recording and archiving lectures since 1999 and has made significant contributions toward the development of the lecture-archiving industry. This has included the design and implementation of recording and publishing tools, as well as archiving standards. All lectures in the archive may be viewed with any standard browser using the free Real Player plug-in and more recent lectures, such as those recorded in the New Physics Workshop can also be viewed using the free Flash Player plug-in. All can be viewed on any platform, either directly, or by first downloading, in the case of limited network resources.

Feedback & Suggestions Welcome

Suggestions for events or tutorials to record in the coming year, as well as feedback on existing archives is always welcome. Please contact us at Thank you.

Enjoy the Lectures!


The Michigan Web Lecture Team

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Jeremy Herr
Homer A. Neal

Steven Goldfarb


Steven Goldfarb

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