Rolling Stone magazine visits ATLAS

11 December 2007

Rolling Stone
From left to right: Fernando Guimaraes Ferreira, Denis Oliveira Damazio and Kaio Karam Galvao

Paula Schmitt, a journalist with the Rolling Stone Brazil magazine, visited ATLAS last month.

The magazine is the Brazilian arm of the world-famous Rolling Stone magazine, published in Portuguese. It focuses as everyone knows on music, ranging from Brazilian regional music to international singers. This month, there was a spotlight on the return of British band The Police.

However, non music-related topics such as global warming and social politics in Brazil are regularly included. For the December issue, Paula decided to get a feel for what is happening in the world of science, and that brought her to CERN with an eye on the LHC.

She spoke to John Ellis and visited a number of places, including CMS, LHCb, the CERN Computing Centre, and of course ATLAS. On her ATLAS visit, Paula was joined by her photographer, Marco Pacifici. Paula’s ATLAS guide was Denis Damazio of BNL, who also brought along Kaio Galvao and Fernando Guimaraes, the Brazilian students working for ATLAS. Both study at Rio de Janeiro Federal University.

Paula and Marco were both amazed by the ATLAS experiment, especially the muon chambers which are, for the moment, the most visible (and photogenic) part of our detector. Thanks to Bernard Lebegue, a few shots could be taken from the bottom of the detector with a view to the shafts.

Also impressive from a media point of view were the new entry gates being installed with the eye pattern recognition system (very Dan Brown Angels and Demons). Paula’s article will appear in the next edition of Rolling Stone Brazil magazine.Damazio


Denis Oliveira Damazio

Brookhaven Nationl Laboratory