Opportunities for students from non-member states

18 February 2008

Students at the CERN Summer programme 2007

The deadline for applying to CERN support for students from non-member states wishing to attend the CERN Summer Student Programme has been set at 29th February.

John Ellis, coordinator of the Summer Student Programme for Non-Member States applicants, programme, invites qualified students to apply here.

The CERN Summer Student Programme takes place every year between June and September, and is open to students who have not yet completed a Master's degree. The selected students have the possibility to attend a series of lectures given by scientists from around the world, who will share their knowledge about a wide range of topics in the fields of theoretical and experimental particle physics and computing.

It is a great opportunity for physics students for getting the flavor of what a research career in physics can be, as they get to do work in experimental teams and have the chance to talk to scientists from all over the world.

Successful applicants will receive a subsistence allowance to cover living expenses in Geneva area. In addition, the CERN Housing Service will assist students in finding accommodation near the site of the laboratory. The program is also open to students with external funding.

The Summer Student Programme is a uniquely stimulating experience, and many of the students later go on to careers in physics research. Don't miss the opportunity to encourage your most promising students to participate in this unique experience!

Colin Barras

John Ellis



Cristina Jimenez