CERN musicians in concert

10 March 2008

The Orchestre Symphonique Genevois

Dear Muriel,

What is the eNews policy on advertising? I play in an orchestra (another great way to relax) and we'll be doing a concert in the Victoria Hall in Geneva on 13 March at 8:30pm. We have a wonderful piano solist, Sylviane Deferne, who'll be playing music by both Clara and Robert Schumann, so that's a bit of a novelty. There are several CERNois in the massed ranks of the Orchestre Symphonique Genevois, so maybe some ATLAS members would like to come along and try to spot us. There's lots more information available for those interested.

Best wishes,

Pippa Wells.

Muriel's reply:

Dear Pippa,

Good to hear from you. Of course, I'd be happy to run this ad for you at no cost, although small bribes and bananas are always appreciated. I hope lots of ATLAS people will take the opportunity to take a break from all their hard work.

Break a leg, not a string!


Colin Barras

Pippa Wells