Karl Jakobs receives honour

15 September 2008

Karl Jakobs (courtesy of Fermilab)

ATLAS Physics Coordinator, Karl Jakobs, has been elected as a Foreign Member of the Swedish Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala.

The Society – which is the oldest scientific academy in Sweden – was founded in 1710 and can count among its early members Carl von Linné, Emmanuel Swedenborg, and Anders Celsius. It is made up of 130 native and 100 foreign members, divided into four classes: physics and mathematics, natural history and medicine, history and archaeology, and technology and economy. Each year, the Society awards a number of prizes for leading scientific achievements.

According to the Society, Karl was nominated to become a member of the physics and mathematics class because: “[he] has an excellent record in High Energy Physics experimental research, in particular in the domain of searches for the Higgs boson at the Tevatron collider at Fermilab in Chicago and in the preparations for such searches at the Large Hadron Collider ... The review of Higgs boson searches that Jakobs has authored together with Volker Buescher and published in the International Journal of Modern Physics testifies to his broad knowledge of the field.”

On hearing of his surprise appointment, Karl told e-news: "I feel very honoured by the election in such a dignified Society at the distinguished University of Uppsala. It will provide an excellent opportunity to tighten my already existing links to Uppsala University and in particular to the Uppsala ATLAS group, and to intensify our cooperation."

Ceri Perkins

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