Childcare at CERN

4 February 2008

Attending a conference for parents with young kids is never easy. Cigdem and her son can be seen here on the front row during the TWEPP07 conference. The same problem faces all Users visiting CERN: how to attend the ATLAS Overview Week, for example, if the current CERN daycare facility won’t accept your child for a short period?

Several people expressed the need that CERN should provide or facilitate affordable day care for children of temporary visitors at CERN and employees of CERN. The ATLAS Women's Network formed last year a child care task force from concerned people. More information about it can be found at our web-page.

This task force consists of members of many collaborations at CERN, both Users and CERN staff.

We intend to present a proposal for childcare at CERN to ACCU. We need to survey the needs of people who need childcare at CERN.

Could you please fill this questionnaire.

To access it you need your CERN password and ID. This will take only one or two minutes. Please only use the NEXT button, you will be able to come back to your answers at the end and will be able to change them.

In case you "Save" or "Cancel" the survey or you want to come back to your answers afterwards follow the instructions at:

We also have an email list, which you can join via

Colin Barras


Cigdem Issever

University of Oxford

CERN childcare initiative