TWiki Tips Part Two

14 April 2008

How many times have you asked someone in ATLAS something like "How do you do xyz?" and been told "It's in the TWiki". The problem is there are currently 5,300 ATLAS TWiki topics (pages), growing at a rate of about 150 per month. How do you find that information about 'xyz' and how do you know if it's reliable?

Q: How do I get more information/help?

A: ATLAS has a TWiki FAQ and there is a link Ask a support question at the very bottom of each page (in small grey type) where you can ask a question and browse the answers to other people's questions. There is also a TWiki HyperNews forum. Otherwise the answer is surely in the TWiki somewhere!


Q: What do I do when things go wrong?

A: The TWiki is maintained by Pete Jones from CERN IT. The ATLAS contact is Stephen Haywood whom you should try and contact in the first instance. Otherwise it is best to use the "Send feedback" link at the very bottom of each page, next to the one mentioned above, as this will open a ticket that can be followed up by others if Pete is away. If the system is so broken that you cannot use this link contact the CERN IT helpdesk.


Q: What can I do to help?

A: The TWiki is very useful and easy to use and new pages can be created readily (hence the 5,300!). However, please be aware of the ATLAS TWiki Rules - these are indicated when you try to create a new page. If you are new to the TWiki, take a look at the information on the ATLAS TWiki Home.

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