Stay zen and take good care of yourself

3 March 2008

Muriel during her daily meditation session


Dear ATLAS Collaborators,

I am very concerned that many of you are becoming quite exhausted and are suffering from overwork and stress.

This is a very busy (and exciting) time and for many of us, a few more hours of work may be unavoidable. Nevertheless, if we are to survive and go on to do great physics, we need to take care of ourselves. Here are my tips:


1) Eat well - personally, I recommend lots of bananas.

2) Sleep well - try and get at least 17 hours of sleep a day.

3) If you have a family, make sure you don't neglect them. I always ensure I am home in the evenings to spend time with my little ones: Fuzzy, LB, Petit Lion, Lucille, Spot and Mousy.

4) Get some exercise: I recommend swinging from the trees - although some of you may prefer skiing, for some strange reasons.

5) Take time off for rest - always ensure that you have at least one day off each week.


Remember: an exhausted physicist is an unproductive physicist! At some
point, if we work too hard, it can become counter-productive. And the start of the LHC is not the finishing line, just the starting line... Don't come crying on my shoulder later on to take your night shift because you're too tired! I might be able to replace some of you but not all of you!

Love, Muriel




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