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4 February 2008

Q: How do I book a CERN meeting room for an audio or video conference?

A: To book any meeting room at CERN, use the Indico Event Management Tool. When the tool is open to a category, such as ATLAS Meetings, you can select Room Booking from the Tools menu on the right, then continue on to Book a Room. To see what video conferencing facilities are available, be sure to check the box next to Video conference after entering the date, time and other information. Indico will provide a list of available rooms.


Q: Yes, but what rooms are best?

A: In building 40, two rooms have been prepared as prototypes as part of a larger effort to equip all conference rooms with an optimal configuration for audio and video conferencing. These are 40-4-C01 and 40-R-B10. The former is reserved with priority for ATLAS events, the latter for CMS. Both rooms are equipped with H.323 codecs and phone bridges. They work well with the EVO and ECS video conference tools, and with the eDial phone conference system. The system in 40-4-C01 has a 4-way MCU built in, so one can bridge between several systems, as well.


Q: But those rooms are always booked! What about the other rooms?

A: All conference rooms in building 40 (and several others) are being equipped this year for phone and video conference. This work is based on experience with the prototypes and will be done by the end of 2008. For ATLAS, top priority is being placed on equipping one of the ground floor rooms and an auditorium.


Q: Where can I follow the progress of this work?

A: A complete list of rooms already equipped or being equipped can be found here. You can also find printed guides to the rooms at this site.

User Guide for the facilities in 40-4-C01


Q: How do I learn to use the rooms?

A: There are several online tutorials available here.


Q: What if I have a problem or a question or feedback concerning a facility?

A: Here are some contacts:

General Video Conference Support:
EVO Support: (EVO specific)
CERN Facility Support: Jean-Louis Latsague (16-4607), Paul Gelissen (16-0219)
Phone Conference Support:
General CERN Collaborative Tool Issues:
ATLAS-Specific Issues & Announcements:


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